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On the Internet today, everyone wants to have a website.

Below are our typical customers.

Small Businesses

In today’s business world, not having a website is a blow to your reputation, exposure, and consequently revenues. Websites bring 30% more awareness for their companies, bringing more customers to your business. Why? The Internet today makes it so easy to Google a company name and find it right away.

  • Want to learn about the products a company offers? Go on their website.
  • Not sure how to get to a restaurant? Go on their website.
  • What time does a certain shop close today? Go on their website.
  • Want to know how a firm does business? Well, you know the drill.

And Host Medal’s professional and quality services are made exactly for this purpose.

Writers, Journalists, and Bloggers

Meet Bob. He is a journalist for the New York Times and also has a blog for his own writings. His readers appreciate that he maintains a distinguished space to share his personal views, experiences, and musings. If he can do it successfully, so can you! Today online readership has already surpassed print readership. Why? It is such an easy task to read an article online from a writer you like, immediately when he publishes it, not to wait for weeks for the printed publications to circulate.

Professionals, Job Seekers, and Students

People who are tech savvy are increasingly putting their Professional Online Profile on the Internet. It is like LinkedIn, but better, because not only do you have your own website address (www.yourname.com), get your own branded email with it (you@yourname.com), but in that way you also establish a presence on the Internet, create an instant worldwide exposure, and most importantly get found and learned about! We at Host Medal have heard countless of stories of how recruiters and companies sought and found potential employees online. We think it’s cool that you give out a business card having a unique, branded, and professional website address that further tells curious visitors who you are!

We know the job market is getting very competitive, so having an online existence is an unfair advantage over those who don’t. And we’re glad to see you succeed.

Online Community Leaders and Admins

Operating an Internet forum is one of the coolest jobs we could think of. Online discussing boards used to require very much time, effort, and technical skills to create and run. But with Host Medal’s provided auto-installers, having a forum up and running in no time is as easy as eating your cake at home. And it is pleasant, too.

Have a website with Gold Quality!

Get a website online today and show the world your new creation.